Maurice Bazin was a scientist of many interests. He can be referenced as a physicist, mathematician, anthropologist, researcher, humanist among many other intellectual fields of action. He began his career working with pure physics in many universities in the United States. However, we must not forget that Maurice never forgot the ideal of making scientific knowledge accessible to workers and ordinary people.

We have separated a collection that represents “Maurice Educator”. This intense work made alongside the people may be seen in his work Science and (In)Dependence, as well as in the magazine Science for the People, both written in the mid 1970’s.

In the 1980’s, already working at PUC-Rio, Maurice implemented a new way of disseminating the study of science by making itinerary expositions in public plazas. His works from this time are represented in the magazine Revista do Ensino de Física, published by the Brazilian Society of Physics, in the Alliage magazine  and in the publication Comunicações do ISER.

In the 1990’s, his publications will be about his work at the Teacher’s Institute at the Exploratorium. The teachers education will be explained in the series Teacher Activity: patterns e Math and Science Across Cultures. At the same time he will publish at INIJUI Publishing House his work with the UFSC Education Department.

During the 2000’s, Maurice will dedicate his work on the indigenous education that may be read in the Alliage magazine. His works with ethnomathematics will be shown in the book published by the Tuyuka tribe in their own language.